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    Matlab and PI AF


      Hi all,


      We've been using PI tag data in Matlab for the past year or so.  The whitepaper and the "m" files on vCampus was a great help in our process, but now we are moving towards more data needed in the analysis within Matlab.  We'd like to get some of the data we have stored in the PI AF.  Instead of starting from scratch, I thought I'd ask if anyone has done the "m" files for connecting to the PI OLEDB Enterprise. So, does anyone have some "m" files they would like to share?





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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Hi Jimmy,


          We have been considering an update to the white paper to include access to PI AF (AF SDK or PI OLEDB Enterprise). It is on our to-do list; thanks for your post.


          In the meantime, if you could share your thoughts/code snippets with the community here it would be extremely appreciated