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Base/Derived Templates - Substitution Parameters and Analysis

Question asked by StefanBrandner on Jun 25, 2019
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I added Screenshots for better understanding of my problem:

  • "Rollup.jpg": I use a Rollup-Analyse in my base template for counting how many filters I have in this section.
  • "base template result.jpg": The result looks fine.
  • "Derived Template Rollup.jpg": The rollup is also in the derived template.
  • "Derived template result.jpg": In the rollup I configured to use the attributes of the child elements, but in the derived template/element are no child elements. That´s why the analyse can´t run in the child element.

I have the same problem with substitution parameters such as %element%. When I use such a parameter in a base template, it doesn´t work in the derived template because the name of the element changes in the child element.


How can I solve this problem? 

Is it possible to do some things only in the base template?