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How do I Calculate the Number of Trains Running using Train Speed (RPM)?

Question asked by Muthulingam-EnQuest on Jun 27, 2019
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Hi guys,

I would like to Calculate the Number of Trains Running using Train Speed (RPM)?


Below is the PI Performance Equation that I came up with:

Event=MY.SEA.49SI240B.PV, (If('MY.SEA.49SI240B.PV'>0 then 1 else 0)+If('MY.SEA.49SI340B.PV'>0 then 1 else 0)+If('MY.SEA.49SI440B.PV'>0 then 1 else 0))


The tags are Train Speed Tags:

  • Point Type                   : Float32
  • Unit                             : RPM
  • Bad State                     : Unit Down

The Expected Results are:

  • is 0 if none of the rains are Running
  • is 1 if only the 1 Train is Running
  • is 3 if only 2 of the Trains are Running
  • is 3 if all the 3 Trains are Running


However my formula is not yielding any results and are currently in the "Pt Created" State:


My Questions:

  1. Is my Syntax Correct? If not, please correct it or propose a new Equation.
  2. Can PI automatically detect "Unit Down" value as String and perform the calculation even if 1 or all the Tags are in "Unit Down" value? Currently 2 of 3 of the Trains are showing "Unit Down" status
  3. Can I choose not to have either an Event based Trigger or a Time Based Trigger for a PI Performance Equation? If yes, how?


Ganesh Supromaniam


Best regards,


Muthulingam Ramiah

Senior Systems Consultant