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PI Timezone Settings x PI UFL Interface

Question asked by DiegoFabri on Jul 3, 2019



I have had a question for some time about the operation of PI System with timezone, and mainly the timezone operation when data is collected using PI UFL and retrieved with PI Datalink or through custom applications (developed in C # .NET and using the PI SDK)


Currently, some data that I collect via PI UFL I adjust the timestamp (mainly DST and spindle correction) before registering in the Data Archive. However, I need to understand the operation of the PI System with timezone since I have the objective of no longer performing these timestamps adjustments before collecting the data, ie registering in the PI Data Archive the exactly data generated by the equipments, withous timestamp adjusts, and the relative adjustments to timezone/DST are made at the time of data recovery by one of my display interfaces.


Some doubts:

  1. Does the PI System always write the date in the Archive to UTC, regardless of the timezone set on my PI Data Server?
  2. As the data collected in PI UFL comes with the timestamp already defined (often very old), how would PI Data Server adjust relative to UTC?
  3. I have two different equipments, with data collected via UFL: one that presents timezone different from the PI Server (-3h) and another that has no differences. Both need to have time corrected when in DST. How do I need to work in order to record the original time (without adjustment) in the PI Archive, but when I retrieve it, the time is adjusted (considering collection via PI Datalink and via PI SDK)?