Notification E-Mail Delivery Format Dilemma

Discussion created by csgutah on Aug 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by mikespath

Hello everyone,


First I'd like to say I'm thankful for this development forum. The contributions and provided code snippets have helped me immensely while learning the PI/AF system. I've created small applications using both the PI/AF SDKs, but I can't figure out where to begin with this problem.


Here's the problem I'm running into. When a notification is converted to use delivery formatting, a new delivery format is created called "Converted Delivery Format" and each group/contact subscribed to this notification will be set to use the "Converted Delivery Format". We have a standard set and all notifications are to use the "Global Default E-Mail" format.


Is there any way to efficiently change all notification delivery endpoint formats for all subscribers to all notifications? Can I access this delivery format property through an SDK and if so which one? Does anyone have any code snippets for this?


Again, my goal is to set every single delivery endpoint associated with every notification to use the "Global Default E-mail" delivery format. I'd like to create an "easy button" for future use if this issue were to arise again. Manually changing thousands of notification->delivery channels is unbelievably time consuming.


Thanks for the help,