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PI AF Cycle Time Totalizer Help

Question asked by GDKennedy on Jul 2, 2019

I have the following PI AF equation that is calculating the cycle time for a reactor based on some reactor parameters.  The equation works pretty well but I would like it to increment up the time when the equation runs, I currently have it set to run every 30 minutes.  Right now it only shows bad or 0 hours if the pump has not changed state.  Showing a 0 is not helpful for the dashboard I am creating.  I tried using PrevVal but that didn't seem to work. 


IF 'P2301'= 1 AND PREVVAL('P2301','*-30M') = 2 and TIMEGE('HSA301', '*',FINDGE('HSA301','*','*-72H',2) , TAGVAL('HSA301', '*'))/3600 + TIMENE('HSA301', '*',FINDGE('HSA301','*','*+72H',2) , 2)/3600 > 7 THEN TIMEGE('HSA301', '*',FINDGE('HSA301','*','*-72H',2) , TAGVAL('HSA301', '*'))/3600 + TIMENE('HSA301', '*',FINDGE('HSA301','*','*+72H',2) , 2)/3600 + 0.5 ELSE NoOutput()


Maybe it would be easier to have it show the last good value instead of the 0.   Any suggestions on how to make this totalize the time and continuously update?




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