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piwebapi for R: how to write filterExpression

Question asked by Taiji on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by Taiji

Hi All,

I have just started to use piwebapi in R.I would like to get interpolated values every 10m with values over 200. My code below work when I leave the filterExpression out. However, when I include the filterExpression, I get the following error:

[1] "HTTP Status code is 502."
[1] "Error: [-12301] Performance Equation parsing error"

Can someone please help me to get the right syntax? 

Kind regards

Here is my code:

piWebApiService$data$getInterpolatedValues(path = 'pi:\\\\mes\\xxxxxxxx',
startTime = '1-jul-2019',
endTime = '2-jul-2019',
interval = '10m',
filterExpression = "'value'>200")