Problem with getting Pi Server to write in tag

Discussion created by VarbanVarbanov on Aug 6, 2012
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Hello, everybody!


I'm completly new with PI Server and I'm trying to research whether it will be suitable for our needs. However after installing and trying to use it there is a problem for which  I cannot find a solution. Here is the situation:

1. Pi server is installed on Virtual Machine.

2. ACE Manager is installed ot the local machine.


3. Everything seems to work fine - I can see the PI server, the input values of the tags are changing correctly, i can see them in the  ACE Manager. My modules are registered correctly, everything is "green", started, etc.


4. I've followed exactly the steps described in this document to make sample application : "vCampus Library_White Papers and Tutorials_PI ACE_Tutorial - Writing a PI ACE Calculation in C Sharp.pdf". While debugging in Visual Studio the code is running correctly the value of output tag is changing; also when using "Test" option in Visual Studio menu the values are calculating correctly.

5. Still new values are not written in the output tag on the server. The tag's value stays allways "Pt Created". I've tried with several modules, also with different Schedule options and result is the same - no value is written in the output tags.


I'll appreciate any ideas and help in this situation and I'm ready to provide you any information which is needed in order to solve the problem.
Also please excuese me if here is not the appropriate section to post this and in this case please tell me where I'm supposed to ask this question (maybe there is some kind of technical support , but I coudn't find it) .

Best Regards!