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Pi Notification-Notify option (start and end event)

Question asked by CyrineHaboubi on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by pwedziuk

Hello everyone,


I've been working on migrating old PI notification to the new version .


The feature Notify on close in the contact settings is no longer available.


To replace this feature in the new version : 


I create everytime two notifications for the same eventframe: 


One Notification when the event start 



And the other notification  when the event is closed : 


I know that the notify option : event start and end exist but it's not useful in my case because I want to customize two emails one when the event start and one when it's closed and I think that it's not possible when I select Event start and end notify option.  


Is there a simple way to be notified at the start and the end of events expect creating 2 notifications for the same event each time?


Thank you in advance!


Cyrine Haboubi