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Inconsistent display behavior between two PI Vision servers

Question asked by rdb6777 on Jul 5, 2019

I have two PI Vision servers. Both use the same service account to run the app pools with the same Kerberos delegations and SPNs set up for each. Both are hitting the same data server collective, AF servers (behind a load balancer), and PI Vision database on a mirrored SQL configuration with a witness. When I use a particular display, my events archived/second and events read/second for the primary side of the PI collective will show history when I view the display on PI Vision server "B". However, when I view the display on PI Vision server "A", both points initially show "Shutdown", and will only trend data from the time the display was refreshed forward.

Is it possible that there is a cached connection, maybe on one of the AF servers, to the secondary side of the PI collective?