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Ad-Hoc PI Vision Table Definitions / Re-using a pre-built display passing DataItems Not working as Expected

Question asked by RSullivanDuke on Jul 11, 2019
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I am trying to accomplish generating an Ad-Hoc URL to pass in data to build a table in PI Vision, two different ways.


The overall objective is to have specific columns; and have been unsuccessful with both methods. It needs to be referenced via URL for an embedded iFrame on an ASP.NET page.


1) Ad-Hoc type. Is there any way to pass in what columns to have on the table? For example, it defaults to Name, Description, Value, Units, Trend, Minimum, Maximum. I need to remove The last 4 and add a timestamp column.

If there isn't any way to define the columns, how can I change the default object columns on the back-end?


Current URL Format:

https://webserver/PIVision/#/Displays/AdHoc?DataItems=\\AFServer\AF_DB\DISTRIBUTION\NORTH CENTRAL\OP CENTER\SUBSTATION\FEEDER BREAKERS\ABC123|Three Phase MW|Max Value;\\AFServer\AF_DB\DISTRIBUTION\NORTH CENTRAL\OP CENTER\SUBSTATION\FEEDER BREAKERS\ABC456|Three Phase MW|Max Value&symbol=table&StartTime=01/15/19&EndTime=05/15/19


2) Re-using a PI Vision display I have built (Named MaxValue), testing with having 1 or multiple items in a table. Passing in more than 1 DataItems ignores anything after the first one. Even if the pre-built display has more than 1 items in the table, it fills them all in with the first item in the URL, For example:



The idea for this method was so I could build an existing table with the columns I need and just pass in the data items.


In all cases it's using the same Element Template.

In the guide under the section for "Reuse displays for assets built from the same AF template", the example for Multiple items is not working as documented.


Any suggestions or assistance would be much appreciated!