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Find WebId after point creation

Question asked by ovenyg on Jul 9, 2019
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I'm using the Web API to create lab points as they arrive in our lims. This is working fine even though not all attributes may be set in the same API call.


Now I like to change some attributes (limits etc) after the point is created. However, I can't use the 'search" controller as it seems to only query the crawled data (https://myserver/search/query?q=mytag) so can't get back the WebId, which I need to issue an UpdateAttributeValue. If I wait a while until the next crawl cycle has finished I can get the WebID but that doesn't seem like a solution.


The question is, how to get the newly created point's WebId shortly after it is created?

Is there any way to bypass the index or use any other means of search?