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Monitoring tool for 3rd party applications connecting to PI Server

Question asked by inform2prabhat Champion on Jul 11, 2019

We have huge number of Applications (3rd party) connecting to our PI Servers (DA and AF) for day to day use. They all are connected to PI in different ways like RDBMS, PI OPC Server, OLEDB, Web API , AF SDK, API , OPC DA/HDA, etc. I am looking for an application/tool which can help to provide full details of all these applications who are coming to PI Servers in a report format. Their Name, PI Security (Trust/Mapping), Data access frequency, Application server name, Data throughput , connector used, Primary Server or Secondary Server etc etc.  I can do all this looking into different tabs within SMT but wondering if their is a single tool available from OSIsoft to do the same and provide data in reporting format. The purpose is to help PI Server to share load and also to ensure that right security standards are used and Also to stop unwanted connections.


Please let me know if anybody have developed or seen something like this.