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AF Analysis performance

Question asked by vankudrea on Jul 12, 2019
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We have a requirement of 3 calculations in AF Analysis - one for data quality checks and 2 others consuming the first one.We are looking at following options to set them up in a better way -


1) Have data quality as a separate calculation that will be used in the other 2 consumer calculations.

2) Merge the data quality checks as part of the equations for the 2  consumer calcs so that the no of analyses can be          brought down to 2 instead of 3. But doing this will increase the number of variables in the 2 consumer calcs and might    also increase the computational power required to perform 1 calculation (I am not sure whether increasing variables        really degrades the performance of the calculation).


Which of the 2 might be better ? I believe, if adding new variables will not degrade the performance, then option 2 might be better.Any ideas ?