The latest value cannot be retrieved from MDB unless we restart the program in ACE scheduler

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Our Users want to edit the property value in the MDB when the proram is running. I found that the property value cannot be retrieved from the ACE program after our users change the values. In addition, we disabled the caching in the ACE scheduler.


For the Context, we put the code in ModuleDependentInitialization. Also, We did try to put in the ACECalculation, it seemed to work but it causes insufficient memory problem.  Since our users cannot have access on the ACE scheduler, is there any workaround so that program can retrieve the values immediately without restarting the ACE program?


Protected Overrides Sub ModuleDependentInitialization()
        sContext = GetPIModuleFromPath(Context)
        sModule = sContext.ParentList(1)
End Sub


Protected Overrides Sub ModuleDependentTermination()
        sContext = Nothing
        sModule = Nothing
End Sub