PI event frame AF SDK : set attribute value

Discussion created by gajendra_konnur on Aug 7, 2012
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I am trying to generate Event frame with specific template and by setting specific attributes values like below:




Its generating event frame with template, but it’s not setting the value for the attributes. anyone can help in the same?




       PISystems myPISystems = new PISystems();




           AFDatabase myDB = myPISystems["ctsinnvlvsap5"].Databases.DefaultDatabase;


           PISystem myPIsys= myPISystems["ctsinnvlvsap6"];




           AFElementTemplate template = myDB.ElementTemplates["Furnance"];


           OSIsoft.AF.UnitsOfMeasure.UOM uom;


           uom = myDB.UOMs["gram per liter"];
















            string efname="ef"+System.DateTime.Now;


            AFEventFrame ef=new AFEventFrame(myDB,efname,template);






And also what if UOM for attribute template is none (see second fig)?Please let me know how to set the value for such attribute too .