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Change Batch Data to continuous Data of product amout

Question asked by UlrichRuediger on Jul 12, 2019
  • Hello,

    I have the following problem.

    I have to convert batch production rates into continuous production rates. At the end of a batch, I get the amount of product, and the amount of energy consumed as the sum of the entire batch. Now the production quantity and the steam consumption are to be written as quantity per hour on a PI day.
    I imagine that as follows.
    I compute the rates with AF at the end of the batch, and then write the rate with the start time as the timestamp of the batch start to a PI tag. I set the Compress Deviation to 1 hour for these PI tags so that the same value is repeated hourly until the end of the batch. Then I store the value 0.0 with the timestamp from the batch end. So I get a rectangle curve over the runtime of the batch. These values are then used for uploading to a Bussiness calculation system.

    I have the following data at the time of batch end in PI-Tags with Timestamp of Batch Start..:
    Product quantity of the batch
    Steam quantity of the batch
    Timestamp Batch Start
    Timestamp batch end
    Runtime of the batch in minutes

    AF writes back results with the following timestamp
    1st trigger time
    2. Excution time
    3. Relative time to tiggertime as a constant value.

    I need a possibility relative to the Tigger time with variable value, or with the above timestamp.

    Thank you for help
  • Ulrich