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Pi web api R client getSummary

Question asked by Taiji on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by dallanprince


I use Pi web api service in R and I'm want to calculate the total value from a tag for a period of time. After some searches, it seems getSummary is the way to go. I have written the following code:

piWebApiService$calculation$getSummary(endTime = '1/5/2019 6am',expression = 'Total',startTime = '1-6-2019 6am',
timeType = '1 mo')

However, i got the following error message:

[1] "HTTP Status code is 400."
[1] "Error: Unknown or invalid WebID format: 'P0UC9rztwGrk6ZiqiDjGOvqAPSAAAATUVTXDJfV0kyMTYxMTM0X1ZfUFY'."
[1] "Unknown or invalid WebID format: 'P0UC9rztwGrk6ZiqiDjGOvqAPSAAAATUVTXDJfV0kyMTYxMTM0X1ZfUFY'."

I have checked the webId again with the following url and can confirm it's the right one:



Can someone please shed some lights on this issue?