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Problem with PIPutValX function

Question asked by SaraFranco on Jul 16, 2019
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Hi everybody,


I have the next issue and need some advice


In the organization we have a computer in the laboratory that sends information of analysis registered in Excel to PI through the PIPutValX function, that PC was recently renewed and the macro stopped working, although it appears that the sending is correct and it does not show any error message nothing is received in the system, I checked the security and still has the permissions to write, the connection is correct, the operating system is still 64bits, the datalink version (PI Datalink 2016 Version 5.3.0) and excel (Microsoft office standard 2013) remain the same, the only change is that it went from windows 7 to windows 10. I tried changing the format of the dates and using PIPutVal instead of PIPutValx but it does not even work in the piexam64 file.


Will someone have any idea what is going on?