Question about Deployment of ACE Module on Pi Server

Discussion created by VarbanVarbanov on Aug 9, 2012
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I have a question about deployment of ACE Modules:

My main goal is to learn how deploy ACE Calculations Modules without using Visual Studio to testing and registering it. However I have found a little information about that - only this video:


I managed to deploy some modules with copying the dlls from the development machine (also in this case is the machine with ACE Scheduler and ACE Manager installed on it) to PIPC folder of the machine with PI Server installed - like it is explained in the movie. But the modules remain not functioning like DeploymentTestModule5 is on the picture below unless I restart both PI Server and the machine with Scheduler and Manager installed. By the way this TestModule by some unknown reason remains in this state even after restarts, but the others are working (if you have any ideas what the reason might be, please tell me). 






So my main question is whether the restarting of the server is necessary in this case and whether it could be avoided (I guess restart only for particular service is needed, but I don't know which and I would prefer if there is a way to deploy with no restarts at all). Also please recommend me some documentation or videos where I can find more information about deployment if you have something in mind.

Thank You and Best Regards!