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PI interface/connector (UFL, RDBMS) to real-time data

Question asked by Erin1006 on Jul 15, 2019

I have some questions regarding PI interfaces and connectors:

  1. We have excel files (csv or database or text file) that we would like to write to existing PI tags. We used tried out PI interface for RDBMS and PI UFL, they both works and writes the data to Pi data archive as archived data, which means they do not go through the usual process of exception and compression, then to archive. Is there an interface/connector we can use for writing values to existing PI tags as real-time data (with past timestamp)?
  2. I have also to write data to PI Data Archive or PI AF via PI Datalink using PIPutVal() and PIPutValX(), it works but also writes data as archived data.  One more question, is there a limit for how many data (lines of data value) PI Datalink can used to write data to PI data archive?