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Save a textbox value from a form, and when reopening the file the value is the last entered before saving?

Question asked by novaiscarneiro on Jul 15, 2019
 Where can I save a setpoint changed by the user?
This setpoint value is set in a TextBox component in VBA form.
This setpoint is used to compare with the value of a PI tag and start a function. 
The last setpoint value entered must remain after closing the PI Processbook file.

- I can not use any PI display components to store (TEXT, TExtBox, etc).
  - I can not use external storage .txt, .xml, excel or other database (ODBC).
  - I can not use windows registry. - I am not allowed to write in PiPoints.

  I already saw a PI Processbook file able to run this without using the mentioned features,
but the code was protected, I did not have access to VBA.  Can anyone help?