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PI Buffer Subsystem 2 servers, 1 collective

Question asked by Chawalit.S on Jul 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2019 by craig.dim


- Primary Server : DATA-SERVER-1 (

- Secondary Server : DATA-SERVER-2 (

- Collective Manager : DATA-SERVER



I need to do the PI Buffer Subsystem between 2 servers, 1 collective name.

Method that I do.

1. First, I do the collective between 2 server.

2. After collective has been finished. I use PI Interface Configuration Utility (ICU) to choose interface name, Then I go to tool tab and choose buffering. But my buffering page have only 3 topic

 - Detected PI Interfaces, Buffering Configuration and Verification.

3. After config buffering has been finished. I see in PI Interface Configuration Utility (ICU) tab general ---> Buffering Status is still show Off.


Data between 2 servers are different at the same time.


Can everybody help me please or advise me how to do it.