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PI Vision "ModSecurity" error over the internet

Question asked by andre.e.moreira on Jul 23, 2019
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I've been working with a PI Vision installation in a Azure cloud environment. A public IP has been set up by the IT team to access Vision over the internet, using Azure's Web Application Firewall. The intranet access is fully working, but we are still facing some issues with the access over the internet


One of which is "ModSecurity" error that occurs while we are navigating through the displays in Vision, accessing it over the internet. It causes some errors in the web interface and eventually blocks access, returning a 403 error to the browser. Based on a quick research, it seems to me that a security rule in Azure's Web Application Firewall is being triggered, causing the errors:







Have you experienced anything like this? Do you think there is a configuration of Vision that could be changed to prevent this, or only directly in WAF?


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