Migration from AF 2.4 ==> 2.5 RC3

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on Aug 15, 2012
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We are currently migrating from 2.4 to 2.5 and want to benefit from the new PI data access features, 


As such we are looking for an alternative to delete values from the pi archive for an attribute. 


Problem is that there does not seem to be an alternative for the PISDK RemoveValues function. 


following replacement code does not remove the values from the archive. 


// AF 2.4 code


PISDK.PIPoint point = (PISDK.PIPoint)att.RawPIPoint;


point.Data.RemoveValues(startdate, enddate, PISDK.DataRemovalConstants.drRemoveAll, null);






// AF 2.5 Code 




OSIsoft.AF.PI.PIPoint pipoint = att.PIPoint;


AFValues vals = pipoint.RecordedValues(new AFTimeRange(startdate.ToLocalTime(), enddate.ToLocalTime().AddHours(1)), OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFBoundaryType.Outside, null, true, 0);


vals.RemoveAll(e => e.Value != null);