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How to modify an attribute value just for the current element of interest in Processbook after clicking ?

Question asked by Ahouassou on Jul 23, 2019

Hello everyone !


I have a processBook display based on Three elements of interest (represents engines), as you can see in the following picture.



Some Details :

- These three elements are identical (come from the same element template).

- I've programmed a button (in VBA) which reverses the value of an attribute specific to these elements (this attribute can take "Oui" or "Non" value) as you can see in this picture.



- If its value is "Non" then after clicking on test button, value = "Oui" (and vice versa)


now, Here is my main problem :

When I click on the button, the value changes correctly for the current element. But it changes also for the two others elements !

I wish it could just change for the current element, not for the others ones.


Can someone help me to fix this problem ?


Here is my current code : 



Sub En_maintenance()
     Dim PIServer As PISDK.Server
     'Definition des variables de points
     Dim Pt_Em_A As PIPoint
     Dim Pt_Em_B As PIPoint
     Dim Pt_Em_C As PIPoint
     'Affectation des variables aux points
     Set PIServer = PISDK.Servers.DefaultServer
     Set Pt_Em_A = PIServer.PIPoints("WipA.En maintenance")
     Set Pt_Em_B = PIServer.PIPoints("WipB.En maintenance")
     Set Pt_Em_C = PIServer.PIPoints("WipC.En maintenance")
     If Pt_Em_A.Data.Snapshot.Value = "Non" Then
        Pt_Em_A.Data.UpdateValue "Oui", Now()
        Pt_Em_A.Data.UpdateValue "Non", Now()
     End If
     If Pt_Em_B.Data.Snapshot.Value = "Non" Then
        Pt_Em_B.Data.UpdateValue "Oui", Now()
        Pt_Em_B.Data.UpdateValue "Non", Now()
     End If
     If Pt_Em_C.Data.Snapshot.Value = "Non" Then
        Pt_Em_C.Data.UpdateValue "Oui", Now()
        Pt_Em_C.Data.UpdateValue "Non", Now()
     End If
End Sub



Kind regards !