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    Where is the vCampus newsletter?

      I saw on the TechSupport Newsletter some details of vCampus Live, the vCampus Hackathon.  Very excited for that, Red Bull is stocked up, but not heard anything via the vCampus channels.  Are you guys too busy lying on beaches during the holiday period?


      Anyway, when will we learn more about vCampus Live?  It is in a different hotel to last year, right?

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          Ahmad Fattahi



          We are putting the final touches on the agenda but it's pretty much set. It is going to be in San Francisco on Nov. 28-30. The hotel is changing to Hyatt Union Square which is an awesome recently renovated venue which is steps away from the Union Square.


          We will have 3 tracks of hands-on sessions (one more than last year) and one track of slide presentations. There will be two Hackathons, one on security and another one on more general PI System development.


          We will have some renowned and very interesting keynote speakers this year; look out for the general sessions


          There will also be Vox Pops, roundtables, and other social activities for the PI Geeks to meet and greet and mingle! Last but not list we will announce the OSIsoft vCampus All Star 2012 community members.


          The complete website with registration will be be public soon; stay tuned! #VCL12