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How to tell which AF server is connected in a load balanced setup

Question asked by tinklerj on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by skwan

I am helping to set up two AF Servers in a F5 load balanced configuration - something with which I have no previous experience, so if anyone has tips please feel free to share! :-)

Once this is set up, we will need to test it, in particular that client continuity is maintained (failover) if the server they happen to be connected to shuts down or fails.  Which is the main point of having the redundancy.

First of all, what is a simple test that will show this?  I thought of a ProcessBook trend that shows a trace of an element Data Reference attribute mapped to a PI tag.  But does this actually refer to AF once set up, or is it just connected to the PI Data Archive to do updates, as if I'd gone there directly to get the tag?  If I go back into the trend builder and OK it, is that enough to force an access to AF which will switch servers?  Or is it better to use PI System Explorer for failover testing, and if so, how?

Second, how can I tell which of the actual AF Servers I'm connected to via the load balancer, so I can take that particular one offline?