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Performance Counter Display name

Question asked by Rishik_Reddy on Jul 30, 2019

Here is the case,


I have a perfmon interface instance "perfmon1" , it's Service name is PIPerfMon1 and service display name is PI-PerfMon1(refer the picture below).


Image says the service and it properties where service name & service display name are displayed.


Here is the actual problem:

When I am accessing the perfmon counters for PerfMon1 instance in PI SMT I had found that performance counters have a different display name varying service display & key name(refer the picture below). 


Image shows the display names for the performance counters for a particular service in PI SMT.

It is given as PI PIPerfMon1 which is different from display name(PI-PIPerfMon1) and Service Key name(PIPerfMon1).

So, I just want to know how these counter's names are framed.


Hope a get the best answer.