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    PI Notification issue


      Hi ,




      I have configured PI notification with web service as delivery channel shown below:








      As shown below history tab (on event) contain no errors, but it’s not calling web service. (In the web service I am simply writing values of sent parameters in notepad).






      I have configured similar Notification with less parameters as shown and its working fine. Is there any limit on count of parameters list? How could I debug the same?




      Request you to help me in the resolving the same.









      Gajendra Konnur




      Cognizant ||India





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          Lonnie Bowling

          This is a long shot, but I have had issues like this and have cleared them up by restarting PINotifcations windows service after registering my web service.  I also have never tried to pass AF references like you are doing (I assume that is what those are), I didn't even know that could be done.  That is pretty cool, hopefully you can get it working.  One suggestion is to start with a simpler web services where you only pass one or two paramaters, then work your way up.  That is what I have done in the past.  I don't really know what you can check as far as log file etc...



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              Hi Lonnie,




              Thanks for your reply. As per suggestion ,I started to test with less parameters and i found that ,It can send only 4 parameters.


              (On trigger, I am calling web service method, where I am just writing parameters values to notepad).


              If you see first 2 lines in the figure, it’s not sending 5th parameter value “PM01”.




              Data in note pad should be  :


              SO     Nitogen_Cylinder_Pressure        8/22/2012 1:04:02 PM   15       PM01





              So to crosscheck whether there is problem with the 5th parameter value, I exchanged values between 1st and 5th parameter I.e. (“SO” and “PM01”)




              Then it has sent 5th parameter value “PM01” (see 3rd line) and skipped value “SO”.So I am totally confused in finding the rootcause of this issue.












              How many parameter you had used earlier? Let me knwo if you have any clue about it.













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                  Lonnie Bowling

                  Hi Gajendra,


                  I'm gald you are at least making progress.  I was able to send all the values associated with a notifcation, things like Name, Description, Trigger Value, Trigger Time, etc...  I think there are 10 or more, so I don't believe that there is a limit.  Also, make sure you restart the PI Notification service every time you make a change to your deliverly end point, I have had times like this where it just is not stable.  Sometimes I have even rebooted my computer just to make sure everything starts up OK.  Make sure your data types are right, otherwise I don't see any reason it should not work.  If you continue to have strange results I would open a support call, you might have an issue with your system.  If you are getting data across, it sounds like you are doing it right.  Sorry I can't be of more help.


                  Good Luck, I know you will get it!



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                      Hi Lonnie,


                      I solved the issue :


                      Insted of sending all the attrubutes of an AF element ,I just sent the AF element name as parameter ,and then in the web service ,I have extracted all the attrubutes of that AF elements .


                      And yes ,PI notification is very unstable and gives many times unexpected results :)


                      Anyways ,Many thanks for your time.