Errors while reprocessing archives

Discussion created by Kudo on Aug 21, 2012
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Dear fellows,


I'm having trouble during archive reprocessing from a PI Server. During the intergrity check before reprocessing of some archives, the system throws the following errors to different point IDs:

  • [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle
  • [-16310] Event before archive start time
  • [-16305] Out-of-order event found in overflow record,
  • [-16302] Overflow record not found in index records
  • [-16300] Invalid backwards chaining of overflow record, 
  • [-16309] Index not matching overflow record start time.

As the integrity check fails, the PI server doesn't reprocess or split the archives. Does anyone knows how to solve each of these problems or have any clues what may be causing such errors?