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    Errors while reprocessing archives


      Dear fellows,


      I'm having trouble during archive reprocessing from a PI Server. During the intergrity check before reprocessing of some archives, the system throws the following errors to different point IDs:

      • [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle
      • [-16310] Event before archive start time
      • [-16305] Out-of-order event found in overflow record,
      • [-16302] Overflow record not found in index records
      • [-16300] Invalid backwards chaining of overflow record, 
      • [-16309] Index not matching overflow record start time.

      As the integrity check fails, the PI server doesn't reprocess or split the archives. Does anyone knows how to solve each of these problems or have any clues what may be causing such errors?



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          Hello Joao,


          It might be worth opening a call at TechSupport for investigation. If you decide doing so, please let the community know in order to avoid we are working on this issue in parallel.


          Looking at the errors in particular it appears there are indeed a few issues with archive integrity but I haven't seen a single case yet where the reprocessing terminated. None of the errors appears to be serious enough to cause the reprocessing is cancelled completely.


          Let's try getting a better idea of what's going on.


          What is the PI Server version?


          Do you see the issue for a single archive or for more than just one?


          What caused you reprocessing archives? Was there a specific incident?


          Please describe what you did before attempting to reprocess (i.e. stopping PI Subsystem services).


          What is the exact command you've used?


          Can you please try again and redirect the output to a text file by adding "> reprocout.txt" to the command?


          There is possibly additional information printed to the command prompt. Please "select all", "copy" and paste into a text file (i.e. notepad). Please send me an email with both files attached.



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              Hi, Gregor! Thank you for your reply.


              Here is the deal: I'm working on a project to merge PI servers. We planned our project of merging after talking to OSIsoft Brazil and decided to make several steps to merge and assure each procedure wouldn't corrupt data. So here are the resumed steps:


              1. Dump the archive values in .txt files;


              2. Upgrade the PI server from version 375 to version 2010 or 2012;


              3. Reprocess archives to clean them and correct corrupted data;


              4. Dump the reprocessed archives and compare with the initial dump;


              5. Split archives;


              6. Merge the archives on the centralized PI Server


              7. Dump the merged archives values and compare with the reprocessed archives dump before merging.


              During the archive reprocessing, using the command "piarchs -if PATH\archivename.001 -of PATH\RPR_archivename.001", these errors listed occurs to specific record numbers and some archives (not all of them). I'll send the .txt file to your e-mail, but here is a sample of  one archive log:


              Input file type: PI 3


              Archive input file:  C:\pi\arc\TO_piarch_20110527_0607


              Beginning first pass. Sorting input archive.


              Archive indicated start time: 27-May-11 18:10:18


                Archive indicated end time: 7-Jun-11 23:31:34


              Archive indicated recordcount: 204800


              Output records will be optimized by Point order


              Initial input read


              0.919243 Seconds


              Performing an archive integrity check of the input archive...


              Analyzing archive: C:\PI\arc\TO_piarch_20110527_0607




              Only points with errors or warnings will be reported below.


              Output regarding points with no issues will be suppressed.


              1% complete


              2% complete


              3% complete


              4% complete


              5% complete


              6% complete


              7% complete


              8% complete


              9% complete


              10% complete


              11% complete


              12% complete


              13% complete


              14% complete


              15% complete


              16% complete


              17% complete


              18% complete


              19% complete


              20% complete


              21% complete


              22% complete


              23% complete


              24% complete


              25% complete


              26% complete


              27% complete


              28% complete


              29% complete


              30% complete


              31% complete


              32% complete


              33% complete


              34% complete


              35% complete


              36% complete


              37% complete


              38% complete


              39% complete


              40% complete


              41% complete


              42% complete


              43% complete


              44% complete


              45% complete


              46% complete


              47% complete


              48% complete


              49% complete


              50% complete


              51% complete


              52% complete


              53% complete


              54% complete


              55% complete


              56% complete


              57% complete


              58% complete


              59% complete


              60% complete


              61% complete


              62% complete


              63% complete


              64% complete


              65% complete


              66% complete


              67% complete


              68% complete


              69% complete


              recno:   3166 id:    6538 indices:  2 records:  272 events:     53614 fr: 99.3% - 11 errors!






               recno 3166, error array size: 11


                  0: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 194298, evid: 172


                  1: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 187851, evid: 19


                  2: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 185429, evid: 53


                  3: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 176884, evid: 93


                  4: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 101799, evid: 31


                  5: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 60518, evid: 23


                  6: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 36683, evid: 25


                  7: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 33813, evid: 108


                  8: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 23067, evid: 13


                  9: [-16306] Event marked as annotated with no annotation handle, recid: 23067, evid: 160


                 10: [-16320] Too many errors, filtering non-fatal errors


              70% complete


              71% complete


              72% complete


              73% complete


              74% complete


              75% complete


              76% complete


              77% complete


              78% complete


              79% complete


              80% complete


              81% complete


              82% complete


              83% complete


              84% complete


              85% complete


              86% complete


              87% complete


              88% complete


              89% complete


              90% complete


              91% complete


              92% complete


              93% complete


              94% complete


              95% complete


              96% complete


              97% complete


              98% complete


              99% complete




                     11 errors detected


                      0 warnings detected


                   2197 total index records


                 198573 total data records


               38709559 total events


                  194.9 events per record


                      0 total annotations


              The input archive did not pass the archive integrity check.


              Integrity check results - [-16322] Archive consistency check detected errors


              Fatal error in PI subsystem piarch_offline: Failed to load input or initialize output offline-archive-file, status: [-16322] Archive consistency check detected errors


              Thank you again!


              Best wishes,


              João Kudo

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                  Hello Joao,


                  Joao Kudo

                  The input archive did not pass the archive integrity check.


                  I have searched for above string, that is returned after the integrity check, in OSIsoft TechSupport call database but there is not a single case returned.


                  I understand you are dealing with a productive system. 


                  Please seriously consider opening a call at OSIsoft TechSupport about this.


                  What's needed is the PI Server version installed on the PI Server node you've used for archive reprocessing, the output of the reprocessing command that you have posted already plus the text file that is missing for now. The colleague from TechSupport may have additional questions but should than escalate the call to the PI Server team product specialists.


                  I am usually working in TechSupport and are assigned to vCampus until mid of December. It would be my pleasure working with you on this but we may lose too much time because of time zone differences (Brazil <-> Germany). The PI Server product specialist team is located in San Leandro. Hence you may want to call TechSupport or send an email at any time convenient for you.


                  I will reply to your email and if you send me the text file containing the output of archive offline utility, I will open a case for you.


                  In case you prefer contacting OSIsoft TechSupport directly, please refer to http://techsupport.osisoft.com/Contact+Us/Contact+Methods/Contact+Methods.htm



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                      With your help and questions I discovered my mistake. I was trying to reprocess the archives with PI Server after an upgrade to version 2012. Today I made a test to reprocess an archive with the original PI Server version (3.4.375.99) and I seems to be working fine.


                      I'll make tests with other archives and contact the support again in case I have any trouble.


                      Thank you very much for your support!