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Element Reference Search from PI Build

Question asked by Koerkel on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by Koerkel

Is it possible to do an element and element reference search from PI Builder?

From the PI Builder Tools ribbon within Excel, I would like to search on a element and element reference based on a template.

Example: suppose I have list all my pumps in AF under a parent Pumps. But I also have an element Plants where I list out all my manufacturing plants and linked to each plant are element references for the pumps.


So my AF would look like:

Plants\plant01\pumpA (element reference)

Plants\plant01\pumpB (element reference)

Plants\plant02\pumpE (element reference)

Plants\plant02\pumpF (element reference)

Pumps\PumpA (element)

Pumps\PumpB (element)

Pumps\PumpE (element)

Pumps\PumpF (element)


Within Excel when I search on Elements where template = pumps, I only get the elements under Pumps. I would like to also get the element references.