PI AF Formula Data Reference - Syntax for getting the Attributes an Attribute of type Element. If you follow me...

Discussion created by MikeRay on Aug 21, 2012
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Hi There,


This is a tricky one to explain. So I will just start at the beginning.


I have an attribute, 'ElementRefTest', on an element, 'Root',  and I am using one of the 'Object' value types, specifically the 'Element' type to hold a reference to an other element, in this case 'Element6'.




Then I want to make a formula on an attribute, 'ElementValueFormulaTest', on one of Root's children, 'Element1' that will go back up to its parent, get the element from the 'ElementRefTest' attribute and get one of its attributes, 'RollupTest'.




The expected value is \\Root\Element3\Element6|RollupTest:




I have been trying: A=..\.|ElementRefTest|RollupTest; but this does not seem to work.


So I am wondering what the Formula data reference syntax is to achieve this. I looked in the AF documents but could not find it, if I have missed it please someone point me in the right direction.