ProcessBook Support Tool Issue Opening ProcessBook File

Discussion created by kalemaster on Aug 7, 2019



I am trying to use PI ProcessBook Support Tool (Version to Find and Replace the PI Sever name on several points in a ProcessBook Display. Once I get my Find/Replace parameters set and select my file, I hit “Replace All”. The Support Tool starts to open ProcessBook and as soon as the display comes up, ProcessBook closes and I get an error on the Support Tool saying that ProcessBook cannot open the file. The ProcessBook Version I am using is “PI ProcessBook 2015 R2 SP1 Version  I have read some threads saying that some versions of ProcessBook do not work well with certain Support Tool versions.  Do  you have anything I can try, or a newer version of the Support Tool I can try to perform this Find and Replace function? I have A LOT of points to change individually if I have to do it manually. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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