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PIPoint Query Syntax - what am I doing wrong?

Question asked by Asle Frantzen Champion on Aug 9, 2019
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I'm trying to utilize the query syntax described here:


in the function PIPoint.FindPIPoints(...) described here:


but the only thing that actually returns anything is if I don't include any parameters. So providing the search string *inusoi* returns both 'sinusoid' and 'sinusoidu', while sinusoid returns only the tag 'sinusoid'. But once I try anything else, the number of tags returned is 0. Examples that don't work:


  • tag:sinusoid
  • tag:=sinusoid
  • tag:=sinus*
  • tag:sinusoid
  • sinus* AND PointSource:R
  • sinus* PointSource:R
  • ...


My code line is:

IEnumerable<PIPoint> list = PIPoint.FindPIPoints(myPIDAServer, searchString);


What on earth am I doing wrong?


I had AF SDK 2.10.0 installed at first, but then updated to 2.10.5.


The string I'm trying to concatenate, and use is:

tag:='*inusoid*' AND PointSource:='R' AND CreationDate:>"09.08.2019"


PS! If I copy the exact same search string into the PI Point Search Utility it works. Unfortunately that code has been removed from GitHub (bad move by OSIsoft, btw) so I can't see how things are implemented there.