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Use of formula data reference attribute

Question asked by Oscar_Garcia Champion on Aug 7, 2019
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I have some formula data reference attributes that are done across different elements...

Attribute1 is a formula attribute of the Parent1_child1 element, and attribute2 is a formula attribute of the Parent1child2 element. I have two separate elements Parent2_child1 and Parent2_child2, and I want to reuse some of the formula attributes in the parent1 elements. Basically I want to link attribute1 and attribute2 in the parent2 elements to the same attribute in the parent1 elements... sounds tricky but it's actually not, that's why I adding the image below as reference. 



How can this be done? Note that the parent1 elements have many more attributes, I just want to reuse one of their attributes, so i do not have to build the formula again in the parent2 elements.


Thanks for the help.