PI AF 2012 -  Data.UpdateValue vs SetValue

Discussion created by PIAdminUnison on Aug 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by rgilbert

Hey all,


I have another question but this time it is about Data.UpdateValue.  I have an attribute I want to change and it is a configuration item.  When I try to do the following call:

Dim outputAFValue As New AFValue
outputAFValue.Value = afExeTime.LocalTime.AddSeconds(-1) 'Attribute is a DateTime
tmpElement.Attributes("Check Date").Data.UpdateValue(outputAFValue, Data.AFUpdateOption.Replace)



I get the following error:


Cannot update value for Attribute 'Check Date' in Element 'CB 3636 - Test' in Element 'Hastings' in Element 'Open Points' because it is a configuration item.


When I try the "SetValue":

tmpElement.Attributes("Check Date").SetValue(outputAFValue)



I get no error and it updates the attribute.  Can we not use the "Data.UpdateValue" for attributes that are not PI tags or am I missing a step before I try to update the value?