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    Current status PI OPC UA


      I am interested in knowing the current status of the PI OPC UA server/PI OPC UA interface. I have been unable to find it in the list of available interfaces located on the techsupport site, so I assume it is not available to the public yet.


      By searching on the vCampus site, I found some information from 2009 stating that the PI OPC UA server was made available to vCampus users at the time as a Community Technology Preview, but I assume this is no longer the case? At least, I am not able to find any references to it from the vCampus Download Center.


      Does there exist any updated articles on the PI OPC UA interface and/or when the interface and/or server will be available to the public? 


      I would like to add that the question originally was asked to me by a colleague of mine, and I am simply passing on the request. I am in no way an expert on OPC UA and what the current status of the specification itself is.

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          Hi, I'm the Product Manager for PI Interfaces.  At the User Conference this year (2012) I gave a presentation along with my development colleague, Tony Cantele, on PI Interfaces.  (You can watch or download that presentation here.)  Toward the end of that presentation I showed a slide of new PI Interfaces that were in the works but that didn't yet have a date attached to them.  The PI Interface for OPC UA was one of these.  At this time, we don't have a target date to announce, but it will make it's what to the PI System Roadmap when things are ready to announce.


          Thanks for your interest.  And if you have any particular requirements for the PI Interface for OPC UA, I would love to hear about them.

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              Sorry to hijack...are there plans for development of the OPC DA Interface to support OPC v3 DA specification? In particular supporting digital error states being pushed to OPC, for which I know a PLI exists but with no timeline. Workarounds for this are not elegant...

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                  Looking into the OPC DA 3.0 support, we have had a small number of requests for this.  And probably for similar features like you state.  At this time, we have chosen to focus our efforts on 1) developing the OPC UA Interface and 2) maintaining the existing OPC DA Interface which supports up to 2.0.5 of the standard.  

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                @Vegard: regarding an eventual OPC UA Server for the PI System, there are currently no plans to develop such a product and this will remain true unless there are significant changes in both market adoption of OPC UA and the technology landscape in general. A Community Technology Preview (CTP) version of a PI OPC UA Server was published back in 2009 on the OSIsoft Virtual Campus, but it is no longer available.


                That said, I am very interested to hear more about the context and the needs behind your inquiry - that is, what the use cases and the requirements are, the environment, the other software products involved, as why you think OPC UA is the best approach over other alternatives such as web services or others.


                Please feel free to post publicly on this forum or communicate with me at spilon@osisoft.com, if you would rather keep that private.