Current status PI OPC UA

Discussion created by vegard on Aug 22, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by spilon

I am interested in knowing the current status of the PI OPC UA server/PI OPC UA interface. I have been unable to find it in the list of available interfaces located on the techsupport site, so I assume it is not available to the public yet.


By searching on the vCampus site, I found some information from 2009 stating that the PI OPC UA server was made available to vCampus users at the time as a Community Technology Preview, but I assume this is no longer the case? At least, I am not able to find any references to it from the vCampus Download Center.


Does there exist any updated articles on the PI OPC UA interface and/or when the interface and/or server will be available to the public? 


I would like to add that the question originally was asked to me by a colleague of mine, and I am simply passing on the request. I am in no way an expert on OPC UA and what the current status of the specification itself is.