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Capturing Data from OMNI Flow Computers

Question asked by vwitzel on Aug 13, 2019

Hi all,

We are looking to capture data from OMNI flow computers (6000 and 7000 series) into PI. Looking at the OSIsoft device compatibility listing (, OMNI 6000 series are supported. Digging into this further, it specifically seems that that connectivity is supported via the PI Interface for Modbus Plus PLC (there is a related entry in the revision history of the interface manual from 1997 ). Looking at the interface manual, I see that it does not support history recovery. That said, we are looking two capture two pieces of data from the OMNIs:


  1. Current values
  2. "Archive" values which are captured/stored every 30 minutes


Has anyone done this before / can anyone speak to how to access the OMNIs' "archive" values?


Also, can anyone speak to whether connecitivity to the OMNI 7000 series is supported?