VB code to hide password

Discussion created by MOHAMEDMUSTHAFA on Aug 14, 2019
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i have configured a VB button in Process book with password  see the below code, i am facing an issue that the password is visible while typing the password (test) , how can i make ****   while typing the password 


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

strPassword = "test"

For lTries = 1 To 3
strPassTry = InputBox("Enter Password please", "RUN MACRO")
If strPassTry = vbNullString Then
Exit Sub
End If
bSuccess = strPassword = strPassTry
If bSuccess Then Exit For
MsgBox "Password incorrect"
Next lTries

If Not bSuccess Then
MsgBox "Wrong password supplied!"
Exit Sub
End If

If bSuccess Then
Set pipb = GetObject(, "piprocessbook.application.2")
Set disp = pipb.Displays.Open("\\\yanbu\MAINTENANCE\DCS SECTION\PI\Displays\ITMonitor\DCSSECTION.PDI").Symbols
End If
End Sub