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PI Connector for UFL - Permission error

Question asked by joaoraiol on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by gregor

Hello all! 


I've literally read every thread on PI Connector for UFL and could not figure out a solution for my problem.

In my environment, I have a PI Connector for UFL installed, and I am trying to ingest some .csv data for PI System. I have the .ini file correctly configured, but when I run the Connector I get the following error:


"Message:Cannot move file to [XXXX]C:\ProgramData\OSIsoft\PI Connectors\UFL.ConnectorHost\Data\XXX.csv, the user running the connector does have the required permission"


I do not really get why the connector is having this kind of issue, as the user configured for the connector has all necessary grants and has been successfully used in the past. In addition, I manually added "allow" permissions on all folders I could figure out that were involved, and it did not work.


Any clarifications on the reasons for this error, and a workaround?


Thank you very much!