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Does PIExportMode.NoReferences option include Element's objects?

Question asked by Noga on Aug 16, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Noya

As described on the OSISoft TechSupport web site  PIExportMode Enumeration regarding IExportMode.NoReferences enumeration option:



"Export this object only. For example, AF Attributes of an AF Element will not be included. This flag cannot be set if the AllReferences flag is set. This option applies only to XML export."


But when using this option and exporting an Element, I see on the exported xml that the Element's AFAttributes, AFAnalysis and AFNotificationRules are indeed also included on the xml.

The same goes for exporting an ElementTemplate, where the exported xml includes the template's  AFAttributeTemplates, AFAnalysisTemplates and AFNotificationRuleTemplates.


The full ExportMode I used is:

PIExportMode.DefaultValues | PIExportMode.Flat | PIExportMode.SimplifiedConfigStrings | PIExportMode.NoReferences | PIExportMode.UseServerTimeZone


I wish to know-

Is the description on the web site is inaccurate and this 'NoReferences' flag exports AFObject with the objects

it contains ?  (in that case had that flag allways operated like that, or was it changed in an earlier version?)


Or is there other reason for that, like maybe my export included inner Element's object because of the other enimerations I used on the function call?