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Changing Order of tables for RtReports

Question asked by zgallisa on Aug 21, 2019



I am working with a report that gets a recipe that can change the order of the phases it is receiving...for example sometimes the recipe can arrive with this order: Phase A, Phase B, Phase C...but other times it can arrive Phase B, Phase A, Phase C.... The client need that the report adjust itself to the order the phases are arriving. 


In RtReports I created the tables for each phase (which are different from each other), they are visible everytime the phase is active in the recipe.  I created them in the Format template in this order Phase A, Phase B and Phase C....and even if the phases enter the recipe in a different order I will see the report with the order A,B,C not B,A,C...



I don't know if I am being clear enough...


I'll appreciate if someone can give me an idea of what to do.  Is there any way the report can adjust to how the data is coming or it will just present the information in the order established on the format template.




Zair Gallisa