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Pi Af - Templates (broken link)

Question asked by Shano on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by Shano

Hi All

I am having issues with my template.


I have used logic to auto populate the control system tags: \\PIMS\%@Unit% HQA50 CQ002 XQ01, where %@unit% is referencing an attribute which changes dependent on which generating unit in the Element structure


I have used some logic to automate the new tags: \\PIMS\OPS Env.%Element%.%Attribute%


This logic worked initially when I created the template and logic and my element structure, but for now when I add new attributes (Trying to add Stack emission CO2 Wet attribute) and use the exact same logic, it does not copy through to the element. See in the attached images how the above tags work but the new attribute I just created doesn't even though the logic is the exact same.


So somehow the link between the template and element has been broken


Any tips on how to re-connect this link so the logic drives through into the element structure again?