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Snapshot Function to create excel data columns 2.

Question asked by DTS_Todd on Aug 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by pwedziuk

Hi all, sorry for the second post but I was not sure if my inserted Tables were sent so I added them as an attachment to this post. I need to create an excel worksheet that displays tags as shown in Table 2, from a list of tags available in the DB shown in Table 1.  My PI Historian DB is sampling all tags every minute, Tag_1 is digital.  I want to display a column list of the other tags, with a time stamp, where each row represents the snapshot of the data whenever Tag_1 first goes to zero (0).  My actual start time will be midnight on the first day of every month and my end time will be midnight on the first day of the following month.  I would greatly appreciate any assistance available.  Thank you.  Todd Smith.