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Include non-triggering attributes in PI Notifications email message body

Question asked by Arti Rajagopalan on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by sraposo



    I am running PI Notifications 2018 SP2. I have setup a notification that uses multiple trigger conditions like the one below:

(PrevEvent('\XXXX\G93-S|stageDownstream|value','*') < '*-1.5h') Or (PrevEvent('\XXXX\S22-S|stageDownstream|value','*') < '*-1.5h') Or (PrevEvent('\XXXX\S25B-P|stageDownstream|value','*') < '*-1.5h')


If either of the trigger condition is true, I receive the notification email. In the content of the email, I want to see which trigger condition caused the notification to fire. I do not see a way to navigate through the AF structure in the content pane and add it to the message body in this release of PI Notifications. I was able to do this with PI Notifications 2012 R2.


This feature is used in lot of our notifications as we tend to look at the system on the whole as opposed to just one asset.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!!