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Why does my PISDK returns me the same results in a peroid of time, by employing the "RecordedValues"?

Question asked by Dr.Zhou on Aug 26, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by gregor

Dear All,


I tried to retrieve the exceed-high-limit events by the function "Recordedvalues" of PISDK. The key codes were like below,

Set evTag = Nothing
Set evTag = pTag.Data.RecordedValues(sTime.LocalDate, eTime.LocalDate, btInside, eFil, fvRemoveFiltered)

Where eFil stands for the expression like "tagval('mypt')>500 and prevval('mypt')<=500".


They function well before.

But today I figured that the "RecordedValues" offers me a bulk of identical results. For example, for a given time period defined by sTime.LocalDate, eTime.LocalDate, "mypt" exceeds the limit for only once. But I may got 12 times recorded exactly the same time returned from "RecordedValues".


What may heppend to my PISDK? It functions well before.


Best Regards