ConditionGroup which AnalysisRule fired a notification

Discussion created by sovain on Aug 24, 2012
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Hi All,


Looking an answer on my question, I could not.


So, reading all active notificaitons I am able to read them one by one. Each of them has a group of rules that is also accessible programmatically.


I need to find the rule among them that fired a notification. As on a picture below, I have 3 conditions in the group, the 3rd one actually is firing the Notification, but programmatically I cannt find it.


When I trace it in debugger I see ConfigStrings of all rules but they are useless to find it.


The "Code = 1" for the first rule also:


  conditionGroup.AnalysisRules[0].AnalysisRules[2].ConfigString          -     "Code=1;Name=OutsideControl;Priority=Normal"
  conditionGroup.AnalysisRules[1].AnalysisRules[2].ConfigString          -     "Code=12;Name=Instrument Error;Priority=High"
  conditionGroup.AnalysisRules[2].AnalysisRules[2].ConfigString          -     "Code=1;Name=OutsideControl;Priority=Normal"


How can I check which rule triggers set the notification to Active state ?


Please help, spent evening already investigating that.