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How to access future data value and timestamp in PSE Analysis

Question asked by JanWortmann on Aug 26, 2019
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Hi all,


my idea is to store a production plan (future timestamp with recipe no) as future data to provide informations to the feedstock supplier. Let's say a production line is running with recipe 10 in the morning and will change to recipe 20 at 3 p.m. My future PI Point has a value of 10 (already in the past) and gets a new value by manual entry via Excel-PIPutVal-function (timestamp: today 3 p.m. value: 20). Up to this point everything works fine.

Now I want to calculate in PSE the remaining time until the new rawmaterial is required.


My first idea was to use the PI Point DR : \\SRV083\02_FILTR1_REZ.SP;TimeMethod=After;TimeRangeMethod=StartTime

I've tried differnt data retrieval setting but only got the last recorded value.


The I've tried the analyis function "NextEvent('1_Process_Data|Recipe_No|Next_Recipe_No','*')"

but it tells me: "The current configuration of attribute 'Next_Recipe_No' is not supported by NextEvent"

Is there a function that allows to access the timestamp and value of future data in PSE?


Many thanks



PI Server Version 3.4.420.1182